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Pratt Pond Association History:

The Pratt Pond Association was formed on January 3, 1959. The original articles of agreement were signed by-

Arnold Johnson
Diane Sund
Ethel Myllylaahti
Edward Blanchett
Harold Simila
Helen Johnson
Leonard Sund

     At the time of this writing, Edward and Connie Blanchett are our only living original founders still here with us on the pond, though many of the family camps are still owned and occupied by relatives. 
     The following history is information received from a taped interview with Ed and Connie in 1999, by Penny Yunuba.
When Ed and Connie bought their land in 1959, he contacted Waterloom Mills (now Greenville Mills) about lowering the pond to work on the land. Waterloom Mills still owned the very small, original dam and all flow rights, but had not used it in approx. 40 years. They offered to sell the half of the pond they owned and all flow rights to Ed, who contacted other camp owners to discuss it.
     A meeting was called at the Greenville Legion Hall. All 6 camp owners and all other land owners (approx. 40 more people) were invited to discuss the purchase of the pond, dam, and flow rights.(An original photo and sketch of the dam from 1937 are on our photo page)
     The land and rights were purchased for $12.00 and the Pratt Pond Association was formed. Ed was named chairman, then the first president of the Association. The pond was drawn down and a new dam was built.
    " The pond was stocked 3 times in the 1940's with trout that did not survive because it was too warm." Ed remembers. The Pond was surveyed in 1959 for depth (at that time the deepest point was 9 ft., with the average depth of 7 ft.) The water was found to be "colorless", and had a small island out off his beach that was originally an old beaver hut. The pond was re claimed for bass in the 1960's. 
     The Association originally allowed power boats, but they were banned around 1987 by Association vote for ecological and safety reasons.
     The roads, water quality, brush control, taxes, and dam have been and continue to be maintained by Association dues collected. Work parties and maintenance have always been done by volunteers other than paying outside contractors to do it, "that's how we kept the dues so low".
    Ed and Connie said that way back when, all the camp owners were closer, neighborhood kids played together, the kids all grew up together. With the influx of new owners we have lost some of that closeness.
     "I used to conclude my meetings by asking if anyone had something good to say about the Association?" says Ed.
Association rules:

1) No dumping of rubbish in the water or anywhere outside which includes  roadsides.

2) Speed limit on all roads is 15 MPH, all vehicles.
(This includes OHRV and dirt bikes)

3) No gas powered motors on the pond. 

4) No washing of people, dogs, clothes, or using soap in the pond. Anyone seen breaking this rule will notified by the Association.

5) No Unnecessary noise should be made (radios, motorized vehicles, parties, etc.) Be a good neighbor, noise curfew will be between 10PM and 7AM. 
This is in accordance with the New Ipswich Breach of Peace Ordinance.

6) Three long car horn blasts shall be a distress signal.

7) Any sales of property or transfers should be brought to the attention of the Association.

8) Pond levels will be as follows- The pond will be lowered every 5 years for permitted cleaning of beaches starting in 2005. All years in between, it will be lowered for the winter season and boards replaced by mid March, except for two top boards, which will be replaced after ice out. The Dam Committee will determine the timing of board removal and replacement with approval by the PPA  Board and or PP Association.

9) Off highway recreation vehicles (OHRV) will adopt the NH Fish and Game Dept. laws digest pertaining to OHRVs. 

10)Camp fires and fireworks are permitted in accordance with state and town ordinances.(fireworks permits are available at the NI Fire Dept.)

Updated 2005