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Blanchett Dam-dedicated to Ed Blanchett in 2007
(Located at the Pratt Pond spillway)

Wapack Trail -


Southwest  view from New Ipswich Mountain

                  Friends of the Wapak Trail site


Fairs and Festivals in NH

Local Farmers Markets
 Amherst Farmers’ Market: Church St. June 14-Oct. 18, thus. 3-6 p.m. Vegetables, flowers/ plants/dairy, baked goods, jams/jellies, crafts, compost tea. Rain or shine, 673-9489
Bedford Farmers’ Market: Off Wallace Rd, Benedictine Park. Mid-June-mid-Oct., 3-6pm, Tues. Flowers/ plants, maple products, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy, fruits, baked goods, wine, pet treats. Special activities
throughout season. Rain or shine. 472-5388
Concord Farmers’ Market: Capitol St., June-Oct., 8:30a.m.-Noon, Sat. Fruits, vegetables, plants, baked goods,maple, wines, meats, dairy, fish, pet treats, wooden ware. Music and/or demonstrations each week. Rain or shine,753-4799
 Hancock Farmers’ Market: Behind the Hancock Meeting House, Main St., Hancock, Sat., May 19-Oct.6, 9 a.m.- Noon. Vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, dairy maple, baked goods, meat, crafts. Demonstrations or entertainment most weeks. Rain or shine. 525-3172
Hancock Farmers Market NH
 Hillsboro Farmers’ Market: Butler Park, corner of Main & Central Sts., June-Sept., Sat. 9am.-Noon. Vegetables, fruits, flowers & plants, baked goods, meat, maple, crafts, wrought iron hardware. Live entertainment. Rain or shine. 464-2953
 Milford Farmers’ Market: Granite Town Plaza, Elm St., June-Oct., 10a.m.-1p.m., Sat. Vegetables, fruit, flowers/ plants, maple, baked goods, meat. Weekly entertainment. Winter market, Milford Town Hall 1 Union Sq., Nov.— May, Sat., 9a.m.-noon.673-2963
New Boston
New Boston Farmers’ Market: Town Common. June-Oct., Sat., 9am-Noon . Vegetables, fruit, flowers/plants, baked goods, dairy, prepared food, wine, honey, eggs, soaps, sheepskin, yarns, knit ware. Weekly entertainment and events 487-2480
 Facebook: New Boston Farmers’ Market.
 Fresh Chicks Outdoor Marketplace: Monadnock Community Hospital grounds, Peterborough, Mon., May-Oct., 11 a.m. –4 p.m. Vegetables, fruits, flowers/plants, dairy, maple, baked goods, meat, fish, tea, crafts. Weekly music, handmade kid’s items. Rain or shine. 924-1913
 Temple Farmers’ Market: Rt. 45, Town Common, May 20-Dec. 23, 11am-2pm, Sun. Vegetables, fruits, flowers & plants, dairy, baked goods, meat, ready to eat meals, crafts. Winter market at Town Hall, last Sun. of the month, Jan.-April, 11a.m.—2 p.m. Rain or shine, 878-0802
 Facebook: Temple Farmers Market.

Barrett House, New Ipswich

Sharon Arts Center
7 School Street
  Peterborough, NH

Peterborough Players
Open all year

Meriposa Museum

Peterborough, NH