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Pratt Pond Association

New Ipswich, NH 03071

Officer’s Manual



Pratt Pond Association

99 Lower Pratt Pond Road

New Ipswich, NH 03071


Version v1.03 dated September 28, 2016


Table of Contents

Overview.. 3

Coordinate / Host annual meetings. 3

PPA Budget / Treasurer’s Report3

PPA Database. 4

Pratt Pond Website. 4

Road repair4

Pond clean-up day (work details)5

Dam Maintenance. 5

Dam registration & Inspection. 6

Water testing. 7

PPA Non-Profit Organization. 7

Fireworks Permits. 8

Records. 9


Appendix A: Spring and Fall Meeting Agenda. 11

Appendix B PPA Dues Form.. 12

Appendix C: Example Treasurer’s Report13

Appendix D: Example Donation Request for Road Repair14

Appendix E: Operation, Maintenance and Response Information Form.. 15

Appendix F: Example Dam Level Updates. 19

Appendix G: Example of a Dam Report20

Appendix H: Example Fireworks Approval Letter21

Appendix I: PPA Map. 22

Revisions. 23




Per the Pratt Pond Association (PPA) bylaws, the volunteer officers are responsible for a number of activities throughout the year.  This document helps to define those areas of responsibilities and can be used by the officers for reference. Some of the information here has been taken from the latest version of the bylaws (approved June 14, 2015).  This document does not supersede the PPA Bylaws and is for reference only.   

Note that the PPA and the PPA Officers are responsible to act on behalf of all members of the Association, but the power of the PPA is limited by the bylaws.  The PPA Officers may direct the individual(s) with concerns not related to PPA issues to the appropriate local authority (i.e. police, fire, conservation officers, animal control, etc.).

Coordinate / Host annual meetings

·        The Spring meeting will be held at 10:00am on the second Sunday of June per the PPA bylaws.

·        Meeting notices must be sent out at least seven (7) days prior to each annual meeting or ten (10) days prior to a special meeting. Notification method shall be in written or in electronic form.

·        The Fall meeting is typically held in the mid-September timeframe. The specific date is decided during the Spring meeting. 

·        The location for Spring and Fall meetings will be determined at the prior year Spring meeting.

·        Appendix A contains the general Agenda template for the Spring and Fall Meetings.  Additional topics of concern should be added as appropriate.  Appendix B includes the Dues Form, which is normally supplied to PPA members in the Spring meeting agenda.

PPA Budget / Treasurer’s Report

At a high-level, the PPA Treasurer is responsible for managing the PPA budget.  This includes the following activities:

a.      Tracking deposits and donations.  Donations can be infrequent, or as a result of a special request for funds in support of a special activity (e.g. fish stocking, road repair, grading, etc.). These donations are specifically identified on the dues collection form.

b.      Reconciliation.  Beginning balance, Dues received, Donations received, Expenses paid, Current balance, and Anticipated/budgeted expenses.

c.      Recurring expenses typically include: Dam registration, VLAP water testing, Road grading, Gravel for road, Roller rental fees, and Postage expenses.  Non-recurring expenses can include Culvert repair, Memorials, Material purchases for road, dam and property repair, etc.

d.      The Treasurer’s Report is prepared prior to the Spring and Fall meetings, is made available to the PPA at these meetings, and summarizes these items above at a high level.  Often this report will include historical data such as annual contributions (dues history).

e.      The Treasurer’s Report is shared with the PPA members after the Spring Meeting (written and/or electronic format).

f.       An example Treasurer’s Report is included in Appendix C.

Per the PPA bylaws, the President and Treasurer approve all account spending.  Voting for approval to spend is not specified in the bylaws.  In practice, spending plans are suggested during the Spring PPA meeting; members vote on how the money shall be spent.   The PPA Officers and Board Members should put major spending items up for vote at the annual meeting (or special meeting if needed).   

In practice, two types of spending is allowed without an Association vote: Discretionary spending, such as material used for dam maintenance; and Emergency spending, required per an unforeseeable event.  Discretionary spending should have prior approval of the PPA Officers and Board; Emergency spending can be approved immediately by the President and Treasurer. 

PPA Database

An Excel spreadsheet is used to keep track of Pratt Pond land owners and members of the Association. This spreadsheet includes the landowner, Pratt Pond addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and permanent residence (if appropriate).The PPA database is maintained by the PPA Secretary.

Pratt Pond Website

The Pratt Pond website is presently managed by Jan Shultz. Agendas, meeting minutes, water test results and more are posted on the website. 

In 2012, the Domain Name “” was purchased for a 10-year term.  Deborah May paid for this through 2022. 

Jan Shultz continues to pay $6.00/month to Microsoft for the website hosting, which equates to payment of dues. A dues payment form is filled out by an officer indicating the Shultz’s have paid their dues.

Road repair

·        The PPA is responsible for road repair and maintenance only during summer use (per the PPA bylaws).

·        The PPA maintains Upper Pratt Pond Road, Middle Pratt Pond Road, and Lower Pratt Pond Road from Middle Pratt to the South side of the dam, and then from Lot 3-65 to the end of Lot 3-55A.  

·        The PPA is not responsible for maintaining the private property past Lot 3-55A (maintained by the property owners), the roadway immediately in front of Lots 3-92-2 and 3-92-3 (maintained by deed per Town Subdivision agreement), and Flinkstrom Road.  

·        Funding.  Road repair should happen prior to the new year Spring meetings (ideally completed prior to Memorial Day Weekend). Because of this, finances need to be allocated at the prior calendar year Spring meeting.  In other words, allocation of funds for work in May, 2016 will be voted for, approved, and funded for in the June, 2015 meeting (voting, funding and spending will all occur within the same PPA fiscal year).

·        Scheduling maintenance.  The road committee (currently the PPA Officers) is responsible for coordination of grading, material delivery, etc.  PPA members should be notified of the dates for these activities (but this is not required by the bylaws).

·        Non-recurring road repair expenses.  Occasionally culverts will lift, collapse, or require some level of repair.  Other than emergency situations, culvert repairs are planned for at the Spring meeting – the PPA officers are responsible for working with the subcontractor and the repair schedule.

·        Historically Jonathon Flagg (37 Abel Road, Rindge, NH 03461 603-899-5021) has provided road grading services.  For road repair, e.g. culvert replacement, David Keurulainen (Productive Power Excavating, 30 Leel Road, New Ipswich, NH 03071 603-878-1784), Saari’s Excavating, LLC (87 Ashlawn Farm Road, New Ipswich, NH 03071 603-532-5776), or other sources as agreed to by PPA board members.

·        An example request for road donations, necessary after extreme weather where typical dues are insufficient, is included in Appendix D.   Note that the annual dues request form, included in Appendix B, also requests donations specific to road maintenance.

Pond clean-up day (work details)

Pond clean-up includes culvert cleaning, branch and brush trimming, trash pickup, etc.  Typically this is scheduled for a Saturday in June, but may be scheduled as early as May as determined by the PPA Board.

Dam Maintenance

Boundary Plan Property of Pratt Pond Association Map 3 lot 68 Lower Pratt Pond Road New Ipswich NH. Register of deeds with Hillsborough, County Doc # 3060165 Nov 1, 2013 11:53 AM Plan 37885 1 of 1 DWR 176.

Annually the dam committee and PPA Board will review the Operation, Maintenance Response Form (OMR) required by the State.  Any updates are submitted to:

NHDES Dam Bureau

 29 Hazen Drive; PO Box 95

 Concord, NH 03302-0095

 (603) 271-3406

 (603) 271-6120 (fax)


A dam committee consists of three people (at least one should be an officer, but this is not required by the bylaws).  The dam committee is responsible for maintaining the appropriate level of the pond – and this includes: 1) raising the pond in the spring; 2) lowering the pond in the fall as instructed in the bylaws; and 3) adjustment of pond height due to weather (predicted or resultant).  The dam committee and PPA Officers should communicate water height changes by email to the association (but this is not required by the bylaws).

Brush is to be cut around the dam at least once per year, and at least 15 feet beyond the footprint of the dam per state guidelines.  The dam committee shall keep a log and record monitoring days, especially during heavy rains to assure proper dam maintenance.  Reference the Dam Bureau Facts Sheets for maintenance guidelines:

RSA 482.2X allows “Grouting and Sealing concrete joints/cracks” but does not allow any “dam reconstruction”.  All dam reconstruction requires Professional Engineer review, State Permits, and State Inspections (all initiated prior to performing the work).   The dam committee may choose to grout or seal the concrete joints/cracks at any point during the year. However, changes that may be considered “reconstruction” must be reviewed by the PPA prior to consideration.


New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules defines Dams, and includes details on culverts, inspections, repair, etc.  It can be found here:


Best Management Practices for the Maintenance and Operations of Dams can be found here:



Appendix E includes the Operation, Maintenance and Response Information Form.

Examples of water level change notifications are included in Appendix F.

An Example of an annual dam report is in Appendix G.

Dam registration & Inspection

The State of New Hampshire requires annual registration and inspection of the dam.  Money is budgeted each year for registration, and inspections are coordinated by the State.  Payment for the dam registration must be received by mail prior to January 1st.  The State dam number for the Pratt Pond Dam is DAM#175.03 (now D175003).  

Per Env-Wr 302.02, Dam Inspections are required every 6 years for the Pratt Pond Dam which is considered a Low hazard structure. The most recent inspection was in November, 2010.  The next dam inspection is scheduled for calendar year 2017 (confirmed with Wendy at DES on 9/28/2016).


Water testing

Water testing is currently performed annually (generally in July.  The PPA may decide to increase the test schedule based on changes in the water test results.  For the year 2015, the PPA decided to test two additional sites in the year 2016 (June and August) for trending purposes.

Note: Historically Ralph Barker has been the PPA focal point for the Voluntary Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) water testing. In addition, a volunteer with a boat will be needed to escort the VLAP representative to the testing locations. Contact information is as follows:

Sara Steiner, VLAP Coordinator

 NH Department of Environmental Services

 29 Hazen Drive; PO Box 95

 Concord, NH 03302-0095

 (603) 271-2658

PPA Non-Profit Organization

The PPA is a non-profit organization. Every 5 years the PPA must submit renewal paperwork, and a nominal fee ($25 as of 2015) indicating continued non-profit status. This renewal is due every 5 years (i.e. 2015, 2020, 2025, etc.) per RSA 292:25:

Every corporation organized under this chapter or by act of the legislature shall, during the calendar year 1990, and every 5 years thereafter, make a return in writing to the secretary of state upon blanks to be furnished by him and shall pay a fee of $25. The return shall be signed by the president or other officer of said corporation. The return shall state the corporation's principal address and the names and addresses of all the officers and directors or the governing board of the corporation. Any corporation which does not renew its charter as provided in this subdivision shall have its charter repealed, revoked and annulled; shall lose any right or title to the name under which it was incorporated; and shall be so advised in writing by the secretary of state.


Fireworks Permits

Landowners are responsible for obtaining fireworks permits from the New Ipswich Police Department.  This permit will allow the landowner to launch fireworks from their land (including their boat docks).  If the landowner wants to, or the town requires the landowner to launch fireworks off the water (raft, barge, etc.), the landowner will request the permission from the PPA Board/Officers.  The PPA Board/Officers will review each request, and as a group grant permission on a case-by-case basis.  An example of the letter is included in Appendix H and includes the following text:


xxxx, a resident of Pratt Pond, has recently requested a permit to display fireworks on the date(s) of MM/DD/YYYY.  At that time, the Pratt Pond Association (PPA) understands that the Town of New Ipswich has requested that the Pratt Pond Association provide approval prior to issuance of the permit when shot from the water.


Consistent with the PPA By-laws, the PPA allows the use of fireworks as permitted by the state and the town of New Ipswich. The PPA will allow the display of fireworks from the water after the town has performed the required review and approval of the permit. As stated on the New Ipswich “PERMIT TO DISPLAY FIREWORKS” form “The Permit holder will be SOLELY responsible for any and all liabilities incurred during the display.”  

NH RSA Chapter 160-C applies.  Reference Fireworks Enforcement and Safety Guide for Fire and Police Services applies:

The PPA Board/Officers will not provide letters of permission to fire cannons over the pond; permits to fire cannons from the landowner’s property can be obtained from the New Ipswich Police Department.

(Reference NH RSA 644:13 Unauthorized Use of Firearms and Firecrackers and NH RSA 1568:30 Classes of Explosives)


Currently the PPA has an informal records retention program.  However, key records are maintained by the PPA board and Officers. Here are a few key records, as mentioned previously within this handbook, and whom is responsible for retention:

·        Meeting Minutes: Maintained and Stored by the PPA Secretary

·        PPA Budget / Treasurer Report: Maintained and Stored by the PPA Treasurer. Report recorded in PPA Meeting Minutes, and Stored by PPA Secretary.

·        PPA Database: Maintained and Stored by the PPA Secretary

·        Dam Maintenance Records: Maintained and Stored by Dam Committee.  Records transcribed by PPA Secretary and stored by PPA Secretary.

·        Dam Registration Forms. Maintained and Stored by PPA President.

·        Water Testing Results.  Maintained and Stored by Dam testing delegate.  Report recorded in PPA Meeting Minutes, and Stored by PPA Secretary.

·        PPA Non-Profit Filing. Maintained and Stored by PPA President.

·        Miscellaneous (including fireworks records): Maintained and Stored by the PPA Secretary

·        The Pratt Pond Association web site is located at





















Water level increased as determined by the Dam Committee, PPA Officers and PPA Board











Membership Dues

Spring PPA Meeting.  2nd Sunday of the month

PPA Work Day.  Date tbd

2016 VLAP Water Testing








2016 VLAP Water Testing





Fall PPA Meeting. Date to be decided





Water level drawdown; boards start to be removed the day after Columbus Day










Dam registration fee. Must be paid by January 1st.

Non-profit renewal. Due every 5 years. Next registration due 2020




Appendix A: Spring and Fall Meeting Agenda

Pratt Pond Association

Month Day, Year Annual Agenda

Hello PPA Members:


The PPA annual meeting will be on Sunday, (month day, year at owners name and street address) @ 10:00 am.  Please bring your chair.

Attached is this year’s dues form. It would be greatly appreciated if you could mail your dues before the (Month Day, Year) meeting and/or bring them to the meeting with you.


·        Introduction of PPA members

·        Remembrance of  past PPA members

·        Secretary report:

·        Treasurer report:


Below are the present officers (two year term state years of term, voted on even years):

·        President,

·        Vice President,

·        Treasurer,

·        Secretary,


Below are the at large board members (two year term state years of term, voted on odd years)

·        1

·        2

·        3


Standard topics will include but not limited to:

·        Road committee

·        Dam committee

·        Water testing

·        Work detail date MM/DD/YYYY at 8:00 AM meet at the dam.

·        By-laws review

·        Location for next spring meeting and fall meeting this year

·        Nomination and election of Board of Directors or officers based on year


Open action items / Open Discussions:


I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.


Sincerely, (present president) PPA President

Pratt Pond Association, 99 Lower Pratt Pond Road, New Ipswich, NH 03071



Appendix B PPA Dues Form


PPA DUES FORM                                       DUES $60



Dues are for year _________ Paid on date: _______________


Name:  ________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: Street____________________________________________________


City_____________________________________ State _______ Zip ______


Home phone #:  ____________________Email address:  ___________________________________

                                                                                                (Communication happens more often via email)


Pratt Pond Address:   ______________________________Pratt Pond Phone: _________________

             (If different than mailing address)                                                          (if different)



Road maintenance donation in the amount of______________.


Please mail to Pratt Pond Association, 99 Lower Pratt Pond Road, New Ipswich, NH 03071 or bring to the annual meeting.


Thank you very much for supporting the PPA.


Appendix C: Example Treasurer’s Report


Appendix D: Example Donation Request for Road Repair


The largest portion of the Pratt Pond Association budget is used for road repair.  At the annual meeting, $2,000 was allocated for the roads this year.    $1,200 of that will go toward having the roads graded by an outside qualified vendor.   That leaves $800 for gravel which will only allow us to purchase about 4 loads of gravel.

At a PPA board meeting on July 2nd, we decided to purchase gravel from the Town of New Ipswich.   The least expensive gravel can be purchased at the town’s cost for $5.75 per yard.   With a 15 yard truck, including delivery charge of $108, the per-load price to the Association is $194.25.  We are in need of at least 6 loads and are soliciting donations from all property owners on the Pratt Pond roadways.

We are asking if anyone would be interested in making a donation toward the road repair. 

 If you would like to make a donation, please send to PPA, 99 Lower Pratt Pond Road, New Ipswich NH 03071 or give to any of the following board members: INSERT PPA Officers and Board Members.

The more we have for the roads the better the condition it will be.  

Thank you for your support.


Appendix E: Operation, Maintenance and Response Information Form

Operation, Maintenance and Response Information

Completed on: 07/24/2012 (last submission, below has been updated)

For information or questions, please contact the dam owner using the information below or

the NH Dept. of Environmental Services at (603) 271-3406.


1.            Dam and Owner/Operator Information


Dam Name

Pratt Pond Association (PPA)

NH Dam Inventory & Hazard Classification

Low Hazard Structure


City / Town

New Ipswich, NH

Downstream Watercourse

New Ipswich, NH – Pratt Pond Brook





Dam Owner

Pratt Pond Association

Emergency Contact (Dam incidents or flooding





Joseph Woodworth




PPA President


99 Lower Pratt Pond Road


23 Barnstable Road


New Ipswich, NH 03071


Norfolk, MA 02056




(508) 520-6569

Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone

(508) 847-4356






2.            Dam Information

Height (ft)

6.5 ft

Length (ft)

150 ft

Pond Size (ac)

35 acres

Normal Storage Capacity (ac-ft)

58 ac-ft.

Drainage area (sq mi)

0.74 square miles


Outlet Works – Describe the dam’s discharge features, and then include specific information on each below (sizes, dimensions, inverts, etc.).


The manmade dam consists of approximately 150ft of embankment – both rockfill and earthfill natural materials.  Also included is a spillway, and a bridge over the spillway with a ~48” cement culvert.  The embankment begins at the intersection of Lower Pratt Pond Road and Middle Pratt Pond Road. The pond discharge is managed with a stoplog bay system, with spillway gates – allowing the reservoir height to reach 48” above the dam base in the summer months.   The spillway boards are redwood, are 6’2” in length, 2-1/4” in width, and vary in height to allow for fine adjustment in the water levels.  The boards are retained in a concrete groove and concrete spillway. 



Description of the Area Downstream of the Dam (Include information on such things as roadways, dams, bridges or property that may be in danger of flooding due to high water events, dam failure or dam operations and, if known, the flow rates at which areas begin to be impacted. Also include information on any minimum flow needs downstream.)


The PPA owns the spillage rights to the water flow of PPA.  The Pratt Pond Brook flows downstream from the dam.  There are no immediate homes or areas of concern downstream other than Poor Farm Road which is 0.6 miles downstream from the dam.  The Pratt Pond Brook passes beneath Poor Farm Road through the culvert, and then into the Federally-controlled flood control dam known as Smithfield Dam.


The riverbed is sufficient to prevent flooding along the river, and the swamp / marsh prior to Poor Farm Road protects the flow rate from impacting the surrounding areas including the roadway.  There are no minimal downstream flow requirements.



3.            Operations and Maintenance Information

Normal Reservoir Management Procedures (How is the impoundment level managed throughout the course of a calendar year? How do you achieve this?)


Spillway gates (boards) are used to control the pond water level.

Summer: Maintained at a height of 48” above the dam base (adjustments as needed based on weather conditions).

Fall: Gradually decreased (starting in October) to low level.  Generally 20” above the base of dam. Complete draw down to dam base level every 5 years.

Winter: Generally 20” above the base of dam.
Spring: Water level slightly increased when ice present (one board), full height increase once ice clears pond in early spring. Adjustments made to maintain required water level.


Normal Maintenance and Monitoring Procedures (What types of and at what frequency is routine maintenance and monitoring performed at the dam?):


Frequent inspections are performed throughout the year to monitor pond water level, dam condition, and to check for obstructions.  Also performed are annual inspections, clearing of debris, brush trimming, and periodic maintenance such as cement sealing, minor crack repair, board maintenance.   Proactive and reactive water level changes should extreme weather warrant water level changes.  Records are maintained for any major maintenance actions.  Note that the historic seepage is reviewed annually, with little to no change observed (seepage will continue to be monitored, and any corrective actions performed).


The PPA Officer’s Manual and the PPA Bylaws articulate the dam operations / maintenance program.

4.            Incident Management and Response Information

Flood or Dam Incident Response Procedures (Describe the procedures employed to manage the dam in times of stress. Monitoring frequencies, operational protocols, and notification of local emergency response officials and affected downstream parties should be explained. Include the names and contact information of key parties and officials, including the local emergency management director, fire/police departments and downstream parties who might be impacted by the flood or dam incident. A cohesive communications plan is important and should result in a product that allows the timely exchange of accurate information.)


As the dam is a low hazard structure, external resources to the Pratt Pond Association are not notified of water level changes.  The Pratt Pond Association Officers, Board and Dam Committee frequently monitors the water levels and proactively and/or reactively make adjustments in water level height.  Inspections of the spillway gates (boards), the culvert, the bridge, and the embankment are performed throughout the year.  


In the event of a major threat of a storm, or large volume of rain, there is communication among the Dam Committee and the PPA President to assure proactive measures are being taken to monitor the threat and react as needed. Case in point was Hurricane Irena – PPA began a draw down of the pond in preparation of anticipated heavy rains then continually monitored the water level – hourly at times – during the storm and daily afterwards to ensure proper water levels are maintained. 


If the need arose, the emergency response and local authorities would be contacted to indicate the level of emergency or concern.




Jim Hicks




Emergency Management Director


Police Chief


661 Turnpike Road


661 Turnpike Road


New Ipswich, NH 03071


New Ipswich, NH 03071


(603) 878-2772


(603) 878-3557 x 401

Mobile Phone

(603) 548-6439

Mobile Phone






Meredith Lund


Fire Chief


490 Turnpike Road


New Ipswich, NH 03071


(603) 878-1364

Mobile Phone

(603) 582-1563



In addition to the Owner/Operator Information included in 1. Dam and Owner/Operator Information, the following are resources that perform the Incident Management and Response actions:



Brett Kivela


Dwayne White


Wheeler Road


120 Upper Pratt Pond Road


New Ipswich, NH 03071


New Ipswich, NH 03071


(603) 878-1801


(603) 878-2671

Mobile Phone

(603) 491-0427

Mobile Phone







Mary Fortier


Bill Symonds


158 Lower Pratt Pond Road


Murdough Hill Road


New Ipswich, NH 03071


Nelson, NH





Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone

(603) 209-5775







Joseph Woodworth




23 Barnstable Road




Norfolk, MA 02056




(508) 520-6569



Mobile Phone

(508) 847-4356

Mobile Phone






Appendix F: Example Dam Level Updates


Per the bylaws, the PPA dam committee will begin adding dam boards to increase the pond water level on the following dates: MM/DD/YYYY through MM/DD/YYYY. Once the ice has left the pond, typically in the March timeframe, the remainder of boards will be installed.

Storm Preparation

As you may know, the forecast calls for some heavy rains.  Due to this, the Dam Committee has decided to lower the level of the pond in anticipation of the storm.  Once the storm has subsided, and the water level is back to normal, the boards will be reinstalled.

Yearly Drawdown

Per the bylaws, the PPA will begin pond drainage on the Tuesday following Columbus Day as stated in the bylaws.  The reason for this early drawdown is to help bring the pond to a stable water level for the aquatic life, as they plan their winter habitat based on water height. 

The drain will be gradual and we expect the pond to drain a few inches per day.  We expect the final board to be removed by MM/DD/YYYY, weather dependent, and the pond will be at its lowest for the year.  Association members will be able to clean their beaches, repair boat docks, etc. at that time.  Note that full drawdown occurs every five (5) years; the last drawdown was initiated in October, 2015.

Appendix G: Example of a Dam Report



2014 Draw Down / 2015 Fill

Brett Kivela




July 3, 11:00 PM – Bleeder board removed.  1 ½ inches of rain.


July 11 – Bleeder board installed.


October 18, 3:00 PM – Pond level up 2”, bleeder board removed (MC)


October 23 – Heavy rain continued

-        9:00 AM: removed 2nd board (MC)

-        10:00 AM: brook level increased to road height, 3-4” water surge at spillway.  Removed 3rd board.

-        1:00 PM: Rain stopped, brook level ½”


November 1 – 4th board removed.


November 2, 8:45 AM  - removed 5th and 6th boards (BK & MC)


November 5 – 7th board lifted corner and wedged.




March 1 – 5 degrees and 16”+ of ice.  Chopped ice at spillway, kicked down 7th board.


April – Checked ice every other day.


April 15, 8:00 AM – pond ¾ free of ice


April 16/17 – Ice out


April 19, 6:30 AM - boards D,C,B (4-6) installed (BK)


April 25 – Remaining boards installed (MC)


May – Plugged leaks with plastic (BK & MC)



Appendix H: Example Fireworks Approval Letter


May 14, 2015


Chief Carpenter

670 Turnpike Road

New Ipswich, NH  03071


Chief Carpenter,

FIRST LAST NAME, a resident of Pratt Pond, has recently requested a permit to display fireworks on the date(s) of MM/DD/YYYY.  At that time, the Pratt Pond Association (PPA) understands that the Town of New Ipswich has requested that the Pratt Pond Association provide approval prior to issuance of the permit when fireworks are shot from the water.
               Consistent with the PPA By-laws, the PPA allows the use of fireworks as permitted by the state and the town of New Ipswich. The PPA will allow the display of fireworks from the water after the town has performed the required review and approval of the permit. As stated on the New Ipswich “PERMIT TO DISPLAY FIREWORKS” form “The Permit holder will be SOLELY responsible for any and all liabilities incurred during the display.” 





Signed by any PPA member; print name and title

Signed on behalf of the Pratt Pond Association elected Officials and Board Members:


PPA Officers and Board members:

First LAST NAME, President

First LAST NAME, Vice President

First LAST NAME, Secretary

First LAST NAME, Board

First LAST NAME, Board

First LAST NAME, Board



Appendix I: PPA Map


Please reference the Pratt Pond Web Site ( for a more detailed map.



Note that this document will be frequently updated to provide the most helpful information to the PPA Officers and to the PPA in general. 



Nature of Changes








Updated Pratt Pond Website to clarify domain registration and hosting fees




Updated Fireworks Permit section to add comment about cannon approvals.




Updated dam inspection schedule, and contacts on O&M form.