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  Department of Environmental Services  information and regulations online-

RSA 483-B- Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (CSPA) - A Summary of the Standards
A STATE SHORELAND PERMIT is required for most new construction, excavation and filling activities within the Protected

FAQs about the Shoreland Protection Act-

Fact Sheet to read before selling developed waterfront property-

Fact Sheet on Beach Construction – Water Quality Impacts of Dumping Sand

Fact Sheet on Pressure-Treated Wood- Can It be Used in New Hampshire's Waters?

Shoreland Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Management-

Fact Sheet about lake draw downs for weed control-

Fact Sheet on Aquatic Plants and Their Role in Lake Ecology-

Lake Biology Fact Sheets- a comprehensive list, some below


Fact Sheet on Nuisance Exotic Aquatic Plants- Current Locations
We are Not on it- but DON'T BRING IT HOME!

Boaters, Are you unknowingly spreading exotic aquatic plants?
Have you been boating, fishing or recreating on waterbodies with exotic aquatic plants? Over 55 waterbodies in New Hampshire are now impacted by exotic plants. Learn what you can do to stop the spread.

Fact Sheet on Milifoil-

Fact Sheet on Variable Milfoil-

Fact Sheet on Eurasian Milifoil-

Fact Sheet on Fanwort-

Fact Sheet on Water Chesnut-